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Seminar 1 Business opportunities brought about by the EU enlargement to the East

Seminar 1 Business opportunities brought about by the enlargement to the East of the European Union

The municipal enterprise Promoció Económica de Moncada, S. A. (PEMSA), participates in the "CROSSBO 2" project, co-financed by the European Commission, aimed at fostering transnational contacts between companies in the context of the recent enlargement of the European Union.

View of the speakers and the public attending the seminar 1.

In this sense, last Thursday, the 1st of March at 20:00 hours, PEMSA headquarters housed the SME internationalization seminar:

" Business opportunities brought about by the EU enlargement to the East"


20:00 Presentation of the "Crossbo 2" project, of the programme of the European Commission "Cooperation and cluster-building among SMEs".
José Ignacio Orero Lillo, manager of PEMSA.
20: 10 IVEX Services and Programmes in Eastern Europe.
Pablo Ferrando, IVEX.
20:35 Support instrument for exporting SMEs.
Miguel Sotomayor Castelló, Head of the Foreign Trade Service, Territorial Trade Department in Valencia-ICEX.
21:00 Dinner
22:00 "Hungary: business opportunities".
Andrés Goerlich Lledó, lawyer and honorary consul of Hungary in Valencia. 22:30 "Business experiences in Bulgaria".
Ignacio Mir, socio-consultant from Partners Consulting SL.
Rogelio Martínez, manager of ROGEMAR SL.
22:50 Free debate

Going into greater detail on this seminar, it is a thematic encounter addressed to directors and foreign trade managers, which has brought together in Moncada prominent public and private entities involved in the process of internationalization of Valencian SMEs, which have delegated interesting speakers; about thirty companies from Moncada attended the seminar.

Exposé of Miguel Sotomayor, representative of ICEX in Valencia.

In this context, ICEX and IVEX representatives presented in detail the aids and subventions available to facilitate the establishment of companies abroad; practical information was provided and illustrated with interesting examples and good practices. On the other hand, the honorary consul of Hungary, Mr. Andrés Goerlich attended the seminar, and gave an exposé on business opportunities in Hungary, as well as the manager of ROGEMAR SL, Mr. Rogelio Martínez, which shared his vast business experience in Bulgaria with businessmen in Moncada.

Exposé of the honorary consul of Hungary in Valencia, Andrés Goerlich.