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Introduction to the CROSSBO II Project

The municipal enterprise PEMSA participates in the CROSSBO II project, co-financed by the European Commission, the aim of which is to foster transnational contacts between companies in the context of the recent enlargement of the European Union, facilitating to the companies from the city of Moncada the participation in Pan-European business events, of which worth mentioning are three sector business encounters of the woodworking/furniture, food/beverage and metallurgical industry, one virtual fair by Internet and the on-line event "Reverse Auction", as well as various seminars for mainly practical information to promote the exterior activities of the companies in the city of Moncada.

Meeting for the launch of the CROSSBO II project held in Vilnius (Lithuania), December 2006.

Managed by the Euro Info Centre of Mälar Region, Sweden, CROSSBO II involves the participation of SMEs from the woodworking/furniture and metallurgical sectors from the following 15 countries: Sweden, UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Estonia, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Norway, besides associated countries such as Russia, India and China.

More than 750 SMEs from the above mentioned sectors representing the 15 countries shall participate in a series of events and seminars for the establishment of business relations. The aim of the project is to help SMEs exploit the opportunities generated by the enlargement of the European Union, by unfolding a series of activities and events which shall give the opportunity to establish strategic partnerships and cross-border business cooperation.

Meeting of the Steering Group of the Project held in Warsaw on the 5th and 6th of February 2007, which is made up of the EIC of Vasteras, EIC of Warsaw, EIC of Newcastle, EIC of Brasov and PEMSA.

Within the scope of the project, which shall unfold over a period of 24 months (December 2006 to December 2007), five business-to-business events shall be organized, counting on the active participation of companies from Moncada.
In this project, PEMSA is responsible for the project activities to be carried out on the Spanish territory, being in charge with organizing the participation of companies from Moncada in 3 B2B events:

  1. FOOD EVENT 2007, held in Gdansk (Poland) in May 2007, centred on the food and beverage sector, coinciding with the important fair of the sector DELIKATESY 2007.

  2. IND TECH III, held in Stockholm in October 2007, focused on the metallurgical sector.

  3. WOOD 2008, to be held in Vilnius (Lithuania) in March 2008, centred on the woodworking and furniture sector.

  4. IND TECH IV, to be held in Stockholm in October 2008, also focused on the metallurgical sector.

All these B2B events are organized in parallel with important fairs of the respective sectors, this increasing the business interest of each encounter.

Transnational meeting of the CROSSBO II project held in Berlin (3rd and 4th September 2007), for the preparation of the meeting held in October 2007 in Stockholm.

On the other hand, the CROSSBO II project introduces original pilot experiences such as videoconferences between companies (Virtual Office Business), Reverse Auction and an Internet Fair.

Last but not least, the CROSSBO II project contemplates the organization of three thematic seminars addressed to directors and external trade managers, which shall bring together in Moncada prominent public and private entities involved in the internationalization of the companies in the Valencian Community.