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URB-AL Network

The City Council of Moncada participates as a full member in Network No. 12 of the URB-AL Programme, a Decentralized Cooperation between the European Union and Latin America, entitled Woman and City, the Coordinator of which is the Provincial Council of Barcelona.
Among the activities of the network are international seminars where the members come together and make proposals of common projects; see a photograph of the seminar organized in Barcelona in April 2004.

Besides the international seminars, common projects are developed with the prior approval of the European Commission. The City Council of Moncada participates in the joint project "Self-determination of Women through Local Employment" together with the following entities:

  1. Project Coordinator: Municipalidad Distrital de Independencia del Perú. (Local Municipality of Independencia, Peru).

  2. Partners:
    - City Council of Gijón, Spain.
    - City Council of Moncada, Spain.
    - Province of Treviso, Italy.
    - Local Municipality of Pueblo Libre, Perú.
    - Municipality of San Carlos, Costa Rica.
    - Municipality of San Pedro de Nonualco, El Salvador.
    - Municipality of Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras.

  3. External partners:
    - FUNDE, El Salvador.
    - Organización de los Comités del Vaso de Leche de Independencia, Perú (Glass of Milk Committees Organization of Independencia, Peru).

On the web page of the project, you may find information on the activities unfolded during phase A and on the phase B proposal to be developed.