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Meeting of wood and furniture industry companies, held in Johannesburg in September 2007

Meeting of wood and furniture industry companies "Woodworking 2007-EU Southern Africa Partnership".

Johannesburg (South Africa), 13th and 14th September 2007.

The municipal enterprise Promoció Económica de Moncada, S. A. (PEMSA), has participated in the project co-financed by the European Commission "Woodworking 2007-EU Southern Africa Partnership", an encounter of companies from the woodworking and furniture sector, held on the 13th and 14th September 2007 at Sandton Hilton Hotel in Johannesburg (South Africa), for the purpose of encouraging business contacts between the European Union and South Africa.

Woodworking 2007: group of businessmen from Moncada next to the Mayor of our city, Mr. Juan José Medina Esteban and the head of the Economy and Trade Office pertaining to the Embassy of Spain in South Africa, Mr. José Bada de Cominges.

The event has brought together about a hundred companies from the following countries of the European Union: Sweden, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Greece and Belgium, as well as countries from the south of the African continent: South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Swaziland.

The municipal enterprise PEMSA has organized the participation of a group of 10 companies, headed by the Mayor of Moncada, Mr. Juan José Medina, in this event organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the said city and co-financed by the European Commission and the Southern African Development Community, PEMSA being the sole Spanish representative.

Among the companies from the area of Moncada participating in the event, worth mentioning are: Industa SL, Pons y Martínez CB, Instalaciones Alcaide SL, Simodul SL, Partners Consulting, Alps SL, Ajas SL, Torres Autocares, Soluciones Modulares SL and Fuster Alonso SL. Given the outstanding Spanish participation in this event, the trade councillor of the Embassy of Spain in Johannesburg, Mr. José Bada de Cominges met the group of Valencian businessmen and the Mayor of Moncada, Mr. Juan José Medina.

In the course of the more than one hundred meetings held by these companies during the two days of the event, an interesting collaboration potential between companies from Valencia and the Southern part of Africa was discovered. Therefore, PEMSA commits itself actively to foster contacts with South African companies, considering the interesting opportunities for business cooperation under very competitive conditions when finding attractive solutions both for the manufacture and sale of products.

PEMSA, which was in charge with the organization of the Spanish representation in this event, undertook to coordinate and support the participation of companies from the wood and furniture sector, which covered the following domains:

  1. Furniture

  2. Wood and wood processing.

  3. Machinery, equipment and tools for the woodworking industry.

  4. R+ D+ I.

  5. Construction materials, woodwork and joinery materials.

  6. Wooden packaging materials.

  7. Consultancy services.

  8. Other products and services related to woodworking and furniture.

For their part, the organizers of the event have created a web page where you may find news related to the event and permanently updated information on the companies which have participated: