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The municipal enterprise PEMSA participates in the “ARISTHOT” project, co-financed by the European Commission within the framework of the INTERREG III B MEDOCC programme, which is aimed at classifying and spreading the heritage of the city of Moncada by means of information society technologies.

Stéphane Ipert, leader of the project and director of the Centre for Book Conservation in Arles (France), met in Moncada in July 2006 the Mayor of Moncada, Mrs. Concha Andrés and the Councillor of Culture, Mr. Vicent Marqués for the purpose of preparing the commencement of the project.

The municipal archaeologist Josep Burriel and the Councillor of Culture, Mr. Vicent Marqués show to Stéphane Ipert the excavations of Ravalet, of medieval origin.

The aim of this project, which brings together countries from the entire basin of the Mediterranean Sea, is to foster the management and spreading of the heritage of Moncada, especially its Iberian and Roman archaeological sites, which shall be classified according to a common scientific methodology, permitting its spreading by means of the ARISTHOT virtual library, as well as by means of exhibitions both real and virtual on Internet. Thus, the interesting heritage of the Historical and Archaeological Museum of Moncada will be easily accessible to the general public, and the municipality shall have the opportunity to bring through the project its contribution to the cohesion of a common cultural and historical framework between the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

At the end of October, technicians from Moncada travelled to the French city of Arles to participate in the first transnational meeting for the coordination of the project.

This project, which shall be completed in August 2008, shall enable the city of Moncada to participate in a Mediterranean cultural exchange forum, with the following interesting partners of the project:

  1. Centre for Book Conservation in Arles, France.

  2. Library of Alexandria, Egypt.

  3. Library of Berio, Genoa, Italy.

  4. University of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.

  5. Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecommunicazioni, Florence, Tuscany, Italy.

  6. City Council of Murcia, Spain.

  7. Andalusian Institute of Technology, Spain.

  8. GeoCultural Park of Eastern Aegean, Greece.

  9. Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (CTI) - Telematic Centre «Westgate» - Patras, Greece.

  10. National Archives of Malta.

  11. City of Tulov, Turkey.

  12. City of Gehimab, Algeria.

  13. Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey

Project coordination meeting in Alexandria (February 2007)

At the end of February 2007 all ARISTHOT project partners participated in a meeting housed by the Library of Alexandria (Egypt), for the purpose of coordinating the activities of the cultural entities participating in the project, to progress with the creation of a virtual library on Mediterranean sciences through the documentary contribution of the partners from each country.

As regards the participation of the city of Moncada in the project, 25 archaeological sites in our city and its surroundings shall be digitalized in order to be integrated in the above mentioned virtual library. Moreover, a study on the construction techniques used in the Iberian age shall be elaborated based on the archaeological remains excavated in El Tos Pelat, and last but not least, an exhibition on the cartography of the Iberian culture is being organized, being scheduled for inauguration in February 2008, when the City Council of Moncada shall house a transnational meeting of the project partners.

This project shall ensure the spreading and conservation of the heritage of the City of Moncada, especially of the archaeological heritage. With this project, Moncada shall contribute, among other aspects, to the popularization of the Iberian culture, having as first rank reference the interesting archaeological site of El Tos Pelat. On the other hand, the Virtual Library which is under way shall make available to the public, via Internet, historical documents both on the city of Moncada and on the rest of the Mediterranean countries participating in the project, this project being a salutary experience for Moncada.

Transnational meeting of the ARISTHOT project held on the 22nd and 23rd of November in the Library of Berio (Genoa).

The Councillor of Culture of City Council of Moncada, Mrs. Verónica Martínez, together with a PEMSA technician and the municipal archaeologist, have recently participated in a transnational meeting of the ARISTHOT project housed by the Library of Genoa, during which, among other things, it was decided that an Iberian culture exhibition shall be organized in Moncada in May 2008, this event coinciding with the official closing ceremony of the project which shall be attended by all the entities partners in the project.

General view of the hall of the Library of Berio (Genoa)

This transnational encounter shall constitute a magnificent opportunity for the consolidation of cultural relations between Moncada and entities with an ample and interesting cultural activity, while contributing to the spreading and promotion of the heritage of our city, increasing at the same time public awareness of its conservation".

Verónica Martínez, Councillor of Culture of City Council of Moncada, and José Burriel, head of the Archaeological Museum of Moncada, leaving with colleagues from the Library of Berio before the opening of the meeting.

This project, which shall be completed in 2008, shall provide the City of Moncada with the opportunity to participate in an important Mediterranean cultural exchange forum, with other interesting partners, besides the leader of the project, the prestigious Centre for Book Conservation in Arles, such as the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, the Library of Genoa, the Universities of Cagliari and Florence in Italy, the GeoCultural Park of Eastern Aegean, the Technological Centre of Patras in Greece, the National Archives of Malta, the cities of Izmir in Turkey and Bejaia in Algeria, as well as the City Council of Murcia and the Andalusian Institute of Technology in Spain, prestigious cultural public entities.