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Tacis City Twinning Programme

Promoción Económica de Moncada S.A. (PEMSA) has participated in the programme TACIS CITY TWINNING financed by the European Commission, by means of the project "Entrepreneurship".

This is a programme based on institutional support to facilitate the transition to the market economy, the consolidation of democracy and civil society and the establishment of democracy by means of cooperation between Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), local and regional authorities, as well as professional organizations in the European Union and equivalent entities in Tacis countries (Commonwealth of Independent States and Mongolia) after the disappearance of the Soviet Union.

The Tacis programme, within the framework of its fifth round, spans the development of projects of 36 entities of European Union Member states with the same number of entities from the Commonwealth of Independent States and Mongolia during 2001 and 2002. The City of Moncada (Valencia), through PEMSA, is the only participant of the State in this fifth round of the Tacis Programme, collaborating with the city of Cahul (Republic of Moldavia).

Visit paid by the Moldavian Delegation to the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation in Valencia.
From left to right. Diego Romá (ADL of PEMSA), Vasile Petrenco (City Councilor of Cahul and President of the Association of Businessmen), Radu Caruta (Advisor of the Mayor of Cahul), Mr. Arturo Virosque (President of Valencia Chamber of Commerce) and Gheorghe Vasilachi (Vice-president of the County Council of Cahul).

The "ENTREPRENEURSHIP" project, initiated in December 2000, is intended to transfer to the local authorities of the city of Cahul (Republic of Moldavia) and the County Council of Cahul (Judetz) the experience gained in the city of Moncada as regards the support to entrepreneurs. The project was officially entitled "Entrepreneurship", and is concretely aimed at creating an Entrepreneurship Centre within the City Council of Cahul with the technical assistance of PEMSA.

Visit of the delegation from the city of Cahul (Republic of Moldavia) to the School of Trade LLUÍS VIVES pertaining to the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia. From left to right: Diego Romá (ADL of PEMSA), Gheorghe Vasilache (Vice-president of the County Council of Cahul), Nuria Costa (Chamber of Commerce), Radu Caruta (Advisor of the Mayor of Cahul) and Vasile Petrenco (City Councilor of Cahul and President of the Association of Businessmen).

Throughout a period of 18 months, there was a continuous exchange of technicians between the two cities, more precisely between the public enterprise of the City Council of Moncada "Promoción Económica de Moncada" (PEMSA) and the City Council of Cahul. This process facilitated the transfer of knowledge and methodology and the equipment with material resources, which enabled the training and instruction of civil servants and holders of political offices for the creation and opening of an Entrepreneurship Centre in the city of Cahul.

The project was implemented in the following four phases:

  1. Social and economic analysis (May to September 2001).

  2. Preparation of training support materials (October to December 2001).

  3. Entrepreneurship Promotion Plan (January to March 2002).

  4. Business Centre (April to June 2002).

During the travels of the personnel of the City Council of Moncada-PEMSA to the city of Cahul numerous activities were carried out, being aimed at the diffusion of the "Entrepreneurship" project to mass media (written press, local radio and television) and the most relevant institutions in the area: City Council, Chamber of Commerce, Province Council (Judetz), Government’s representative, Universities, Enterprises, Embassy of Spain in Bucharest… The images illustrate the presentation of the project at the University of Cahul, in the presence of the Dean of the School of Economic Sciences and other teaching staff.

The focal point of the project was the alternated exchange of delegations from both countries; thus, by the end of the project, the delegation from PEMSA spent 10 weeks in Moldavia (two PEMSA technicians) and the delegation from Cahul spent twelve weeks in Moncada (two technicians and one person holding a political office).

At the beginning of March 2002, the Business Centre of Cahul was inaugurated in the presence of the whole staff of the City Council of the Moldavian city.


The aim of the Business Centre of the city of Cahul is to facilitate the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives offering consultancy and guidance, as well as to offer the possibility to have access to a physical space where entrepreneurs could unfold their activities during the development of the business. This service is provided free of charge to entrepreneurs interested in continuing, improving, extending or changing their economic activity.

Services provided by the Centre:

  1. Initial study and definition of the idea of trade with the entrepreneurial team

  2. Preparation of a feasibility study through a Business Plan

  3. Training of entrepreneurs in legal and business management issues

  4. Support and supervision throughout the development of the business project

  5. Premises for the unfolding of the business project

  6. Common services

On the other hand, the Centre is intended to act as a forum for various activities aiming at stimulating and boosting the entrepreneurial fabric of the County of Cahul, through the organization of Training Courses, Seminars, Events, Information Campaigns on Aids and Subsidies, European Integration and any other activities encouraging business initiatives.

Moreover, both delegations have attended throughout the project the following Conferences and Seminars officially organized by the Secretariat of Tacis:

  1. Opening conference in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), February 2001.

  2. Seminar in Vasteras (Sweden), June 2001.

  3. Seminar in Vogtlandkreis (Germany), October 2001.

  4. Closing conference in Kiev (Ukraine), March 2002.

In the course of the project, various visits were organized, being aimed at identifying the best practices related to Economic Promotion and Local Development within the Valencian Community. The picture was taken during a visit to Gandía. From left to right: Vicent Llorens (head of the Economic and Social Promotion Department, City Council of Gandía), Radu Caruta (Advisor of the Mayor of Cahul), José Codina (Cooperative of the Historical Centre of Gandía), Diego Romá (ADL of PEMSA), Stefan Bratu (Mayor of Cahul), Ana Ferrús (ADL of Gandía) and Vasile Petrenco (City Councillor and President of the Association of Businessmen in Cahul).

During these events, the participants in the 36 projects (both delegations from the European Union and from the Commonwealth of Independent States and Mongolia) met the technicians of the Secretariat of Tacis and the speakers invited.

The Tacis project, completed in June 2002, meant the beginning of the participation of the city of Moncada in projects of cooperation for development with countries of Eastern Europe; it was decided to pursue the relations with the city of Cahul, including the twinning of the two cities, beyond the completion of this first Tacis project.