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Internationalising SMEs project

PEMSA participation in the sub-project Internationalising SMEs, within the framework of the Regional Framework Operation TouriSME.

PEMSA has participated in various activities of this project of the INTERREG IIIC Community Initiative managed in the Valencian Community by the Valencian Community Foundation-European Region (FC VRE), having as partners the north-east regions of England (area of Newcastle), Limburg and the Valencian Community. This group also favours the exchange of knowledge and experience between the participating companies.

As regards the concrete participation of PEMSA in this project, in the first place PEMSA has participated in the course "European Projects for SME Internationalization" held in the city of Valencia on the 23rd of November 2005.

Meeting with the mayor, councillors and civil servants of the City Council of Burlov (Sweden).

Moreover, in June 2006, PEMSA participated in the fact-finding visit to the region of Oresund, a cross-border conurbation of the cities of Copenhagen in Denmark and Mälmo in Sweden. In this European region, PEMSA has had interesting contacts still exploited in two spheres of its concern: institutional and business cooperation promotion.

The group with representatives of the Municipal Corporation of Burlov, metropolitan area of Mälmo.

Concretely, contact is maintained with the City Council of Burlov for the purpose of consolidating the relations between the two municipalities. There is a clear similarity between the two municipalities in terms of factors determining their development:

  • They are located adjacent to the north of an important city of a metropolitan area (Mälmo in Sweden, Valencia in Spain), both being cities very close to the sea (Baltic and Mediterranean Sea, respectively).

  • In terms of population, they are quite balanced; Burlov has more than 15,000 inhabitants; Moncada has recently crossed the threshold of 20,000 inhabitants.

  • The development of the urban fabric shall have to take into consideration the infrastructures of the metropolitan area and the inherent inconveniences. To be more precise, in both cases the railway line divides the urban area of both cities.

  • As regards exchanges at all levels, it represents a rich and interesting contrast between the northern and Scandinavian model with a Baltic influence, and the Latin model of the south of Europe, conditioned by the Mediterranean model.

  • As an anecdote, the area of Mälmo is dominated by a modern tower creation of the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava, the white structure of which seems very familiar.

The spectacular tower designed by the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava which dominates the landscape of the area.

Another very interesting aspect was the visit to public and private business incubators (such as the modern and functional centre of MINC in Mälmo), and research and development centres (such as the spectacular scientific park "IDEON" situated on the outskirts of Mälmo), as well as contacts with persons in charge with transnational projects from the City Council of Mälmo and the city of Ystad; PEMSA has even given a presentation with the head of the centre Europe Direct.

Exposé of PEMSA at the City Council of Ystad (Sweden).

As regards the business side, worth mentioning is the software marketing proposal of the company SERNUTEC SL, as well as the contacts with the Dutch company "ENC CONSULTANTS” interested in investing in our country in a Biodiesel obtaining system.

On the other hand, between the 9th and 12th October, PEMSA participated in a second fact-finding visit to Budapest (Hungary) given the interesting potential for establishing cooperation relations between companies established in the area of Moncada with companies from countries of Central and Eastern Europe. This mission represented a very interesting first contact with public and private entities, serving as a basis for the elaboration of subsequent business contacts.

To be more specific, worth mentioning is the contact with ITD (Hungarian Investment and Trade Development), with which PEMSA already had a certain contact, through its Euro Info Centre. The contact with this entity is valuable as a basis for the future development of an itinerary of business contacts, both for institutional projects of PEMSA, and for projects involving the business cooperation with companies located in the industrial areas of Moncada.

Valencian, Dutch and English entities and companies participating in the meeting held at IDT in Budapest

PEMSA has also initiated contacts with various entities for the double purpose stated above, namely that of consolidating contacts for the transfer of good practices in Hungary, as well as fostering business cooperation in company software.