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Business cooperation Moncada-Bulgaria 1

The City Council of Moncada, through the municipal enterprise PEMSA, has initiated a project of business cooperation between companies from Moncada and Bulgaria, country which has recently become a member of the European Union. This is the sixth transnational business cooperation project implemented by PEMSA, in keeping with its continuous efforts aimed at the internationalization of the enterprises active in the industrial areas of Moncada, having already facilitated business opportunities with companies from the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, India and China.

In this sense, the city of Moncada is a pioneer of the Valencian Community due to its participation in projects co-financed by the European Commission stimulating the internationalization and opening of new markets for its enterprises, participating in various business events held in Germany, Sweden, Moldavia, Romania and India, and organizing in Moncada new pilot events using information technologies, such as videoconferences between companies and Pan-European auctions on the Internet, as well as consolidating collaboration links through the signature of conventions with chambers of commerce from various countries.

Along these lines, this project financed by the Valencian Institute of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (IMPIVA) is centred on stimulating economic and trading relations between companies in Moncada and the countries of Eastern Europe, one of the main challenges in the internationalization of Valencian SMEs. This is expected to improve the exchanges and relations between the companies in Moncada and Bulgarian companies. Among the emergent economies, Bulgaria features advantageous conditions for business collaboration with the area of Moncada, given the low labour costs, its recent entry into the European Union and the geographical and cultural closeness to other potential markets.

Since its creation as a public enterprise, PEMSA has set itself the objective of supporting the promotion and development of the social and economic structure of Moncada, promoting and coordinating training and employment actions and providing the infrastructures required to ensure a sustainable growth of the municipality. Through this project, PEMSA, which has already accomplished various trade missions in countries of Eastern Europe and has institutional and business contacts in the area, intends to stimulate the cross-business service and industrial cooperation between companies in Moncada and Bulgarian companies.

Among the actions scheduled to be carried out during the following months, worth mentioning is the elaboration of a study on the exchange of products and services between companies from the industrial areas of Moncada and Bulgaria, the consultancy given to companies with respect to the new business cooperation opportunities, the organization of a business encounter Moncada-Bulgaria and the creation of a system facilitating trading relations and their management by means of the contact between companies, exchange of information and data and organization of videoconferences.