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"Pan-European Business Cooperation Moncada - Romania 2"

The City Council of Moncada, through the municipal enterprise PEMSA, has launched the project "Pan-European Business Cooperation Moncada-Romania 2", co-financed by the Valencian Institute of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (IMPIVA). This project is focused on bringing to fruitition the interesting conclusions of a previous project developed by PEMSA in 2006.

This project is the result of the interesting experience of PEMSA in Romania in the course of various projects, thanks to which the strategic core of the relations between enterprises in Moncada and Romanian enterprises is well-known, the main objective of this project being the concrete identification of Romanian enterprises capable of generating a higher business potential for our enterprises, making the most of PEMSA experience and contacts in Romania to benefit enterprises in Moncada.

On the other hand, besides the favourable conditions for the collaboration with Romanian enterprises given their low labour costs and geographical and cultural closeness, we have to take into account the fact that Romania has recently become a member of the European Union.

As a result of its participation in the previous project Moncada-Romania 1 carried out in 2006, PEMSA has executed various collaboration agreements with interesting Romanian entities related to business cooperation, such as the Chambers of Commerce of Brasov, Galati and Constanta, as well as the ANIMMC- Romanian National Institute of SMEs. One of the main objectives of this project is to exploit the collaboration agreements, thereby consolidating the business cooperation relations.

Acquainted with the difficulties faced by the enterprises of Moncada, PEMSA is also well aware of the fact the operating in Romania involves a high cost in time and money for enterprises. This Project is intended to promote the use of information technologies as an instrument facilitating Pan-European business cooperation, so as the search and first business contact is as simple as possible for companies.

In this sense, for the purpose of facilitating appropriate contacts with Romanian companies, PEMSA shall prepare a directory of Romanian companies supplying products and services, as well as a view data business system to be incorporated in the already existing web page

On the other hand, PEMSA shall organize videoconferences between companies in order to facilitate the transnational communication of our companies; moreover, it shall provide information and give advice and continue to sign collaboration agreements and conventions with interesting Romanian entities concerned with business cooperation.

Since its creation as a public enterprise, PEMSA has set itself the objective of supporting the promotion and development of the social and economic structure of Moncada, promoting and coordinating training and employment actions and providing the infrastructures required to ensure a sustainable growth of the municipality.
Among its activities, PEMSA has implemented various business and technical assistance transnational projects. As a result of this international experience, PEMSA is implementing the present project in order to make sure companies in Moncada exploit the advantages of the cost-reduction in the importation of products and services from Romania, besides the added value represented by the direct contact and relations with companies active in the same sectors from various countries, thus giving access to a new market.