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Activities of the project unfolded in Cahul and Galati

Throughout the 18 months of the project, the team delegated by the City Council of Moncada-PEMSA has travelled on 6 occasions in the area, and held two Steering Committees. The purpose of these was to coordinate the activities to be unfolded by the project partners and to prepare the completion of the project objectives: the establishment of a business centre (Business Centre of Cahul, BCC) and of a business cooperation transnational network.

On the other hand, the team maintained contacts with the small Spanish community in Moldavia, especially with the Managing Director of Unión Fenosa Moldova, Mr. Ignacio Ibarra and the Unión Fenosa Foundation, as well as with the director of Black Sea Ibérica. These contacts provided an interesting support to the implementation of project activities.

In Romania, meetings were held with the Embassy of Spain in Bucharest and its Trade Office during which detailed information on the progress of project activities was provided, as well as with other public Romanian entities, for the purpose of spreading the project and consolidating the activities of the same.

At one of this meetings, the Ambassador of Spain in Romania, Mr. Jesús Atienza, had lunch with the delegation of the City Council of Moncada and a group of businessmen which have participated in the first transnational meeting of SMEs held in Cahul and Galati in November 2004.

After the official completion of the project, in May 2005, the City Council of Moncada-PEMSA continued to provide support to Cahul Business Centre, through:

  1. Participation in new transnational projects with the partners of the old project.

  2. Diffusion of project results by mailing, press releases, presentations, TV reports, radio programmes, etc.

  3. Support for the consolidation of institutional contacts between the Romanian and Moldavian partners and other public institutions in the Valencian Community.

  4. Maintenance of the business links fruit of the business mission carried out in November 2004