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Inauguration of the Business Centre of Cahul

Completion of the Tacis project of the City Council of Moncada.

The Tacis Project of the City Council of Moncada co-financed by the European Commission, entitled BCC (Business Centre of Cahul) was completed in May 2005, after being fully implemented in the three countries participating in the project.

Thus, the project culminated at the end of May in the official inauguration of a Business Centre in Cahul (south of Moldavia), as well as in the recent implementation of a cross-border business cooperation network which links up the said centre with the main economic institutions responsible for business cooperation in the Romanian city of Galati.

Inauguration of the Business Centre of Cahul (Moldavia).

24th May 2005.

The aim of the Tacis programme of the European Commission is to provide support and assistance to facilitate the transition to the market economy, the consolidation of democracy and civil society and the establishment of democracy in the countries pertaining to the Commonwealth of Independent States and Mongolia. This is the second occasion on which a project of cooperation for development is being implemented in countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union through the City Council of Moncada.

Throughout the 18 months of the project, the City Council of Moncada (through the public enterprise PEMSA) has contributed, by transferring its experience in the field of economic promotion, to the planning of the centre and the training of the Moldavian staff in charge with setting up the centre, in close collaboration with the other project partners (City Council of Cahul, County Council of Galati, County (Raion) of Cahul and the Chamber of Commerce of Galati).

Meeting of the project management team in Galati, 23rd May 2005. In the photo, the delegation of the City Council of Moncada headed by the Mayor, Mrs. Concha Andrés and the President of PEMSA, Mr. Miguel Gallego.

Among the most important activities unfolded, worth mentioning is the first Spanish business mission in Moldavia organized by PEMSA with 8 businessmen from Moncada, as well as the organization of numerous institutional and business encounters intended to strengthen the cooperation relations with various Romanian and Moldovan entities.

On the other hand, during the last meeting of the project management held in the city of Galati, Romania, the Mayor of Moncada, Mrs. Concha Andrés and the President of PEMSA, Mr. Miguel Gallego, expressed their intention to maintain the already traditional links between the city and Moncada and these Romanian and Moldovan regions, by means of new cooperation projects, of a social, cultural and business nature, given in the last case the interest arisen in the enterprises of the municipality in exploiting the market opportunities offered by these two countries from Eastern Europe.

This intention is adhered to by the project partners, especially by the County Council of Galati, which are very interested in creating and strengthening connections with public institutions from the Valencian Community.

From left to right, Gheorghe Zagorodnii, Mayor of Cahul, Mrs. Concha Andrés, Mayor of Moncada, Marcela Sighinas, Vice-president of the County Council of Galati and Mr. Miguel Gallego, President of PEMSA.