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Second transnational steering committee. Moncada December 2004


From the 29th of November to the 3rd of December 2004, the City Council of Moncada hosted the second coordination and management transnational meeting ("Steering Committee") of the project financed by the European Commission Tacis CBC "Cahul Business Centre" which the City Council of Moncada (Valencia) itself, through the municipal enterprise PEMSA is implementing together with official representatives of the cities of Galati (Romania) and Cahul (Moldavia).

During the meeting, the participants approached issues concerning the development of the project and the progress made in the establishment of the Cahul Business Centre, in which the following participants intervened:

City Council of Moncada

  1. Mrs. Concha Andrés Sanchis, Mayor of Moncada.

  2. Mr. Modest Pascual i Sanjaime, Deputy Mayor of Moncada.

  3. Mr. José Ignacio Orero, Managing Director of Pemsa and Project Manager

  4. Mr. Diego Romá Bohorques, Project Coordinator

  5. Mr. Eduardo Lázaro, external Consultant.

Project partners

  1. City Council of Cahul
    - Mr. Gheorghe Zagorodnii, Mayor of Cahul.

  2. City Council of Galati
    - Mrs. Aurelia Domniteanu, Counsellor from the County Council of Galati.

Additional partner

  1. Cahul Region
    - Mr. Stephan Bratu, President of Cahul Region.

Project subcontractor

  1. Euro Info Centre pertaining to the Chamber of Commerce of Galati
    - Mr. Dan Lilion Gogoncea, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Galati

Meeting of the 2nd Steering Committee in the plenary meeting hall of the City Council of Moncada.

During the one week stay in Moncada, the staff of the project paid various institutional visits for the purpose of diffusing and making known the activities involved by the promoted project, among which: the Autonomous Secretariat for the Relations with the European Union and Cooperation for Development of the Generalitat Valenciana, the Valencian Export Institute (IVEX), the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Valencia, meetings with businessmen from the city of Moncada, visit to the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia...

These meetings were aimed at presenting and promoting the project, while fostering trading relations between the participating countries, the Valencian Community being promoted among these countries.

During their stay in Valencia, the participants organized interesting institutional meetings both for the diffusion of the project and for the presentation of their entities. In the photo, meeting with the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation in Valencia, Mr. Arturo Virusque.

Meeting with the representative of the Central Government in the Valencian Community, Mr. Antoni Bernabé

Visit to IVEX (Valencian Export Institute).
Meeting at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Valencia

Visit to the Special Employment Centre of PEMSA

Visit to the Autonomous Secretariat for the Relations with the European Union and Cooperation for Development. In the photo, PEMSA staff with the other participants, next to the Managing Director of the Cooperation Department of the Generalitat Valenciana, Mrs. Carmen Dolz.

Visit to the Casa Comuna de la Reial Sequía in Moncada.