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IND TECH II, Stockholm 5th and 6th October 2006


The municipal enterprise Promoció Económica de Moncada, S. A. (PEMSA) took part in the organization of the participation of a group of enterprises from the area of Moncada in the event of the metallurgical sector INTERPRISE IND-TECH 2006, held on the 5th and 6th of October 2006 at the Trade Fair of Stockholm (Sweden). This event was held in parallel with the main competition of the metallurgical sector organized in Scandinavia: Scandinavian Technical Fair (3rd to 6th October, 30,000 visitors expected; for more information visit

General view of the fairground reserved for face-to-face business meetings.

The organizers of the IND TECH 2006 event have created a web page where you may find info on the event and permanently updated information on the enterprises which have participated in said event:


The event managed to bring together about a hundred enterprises from the following countries of the European Union: Sweden, Spain, UK, Germany, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland; from the European Economic Area: Norway and from Eastern Europe: Russia and Romania. On the other hand, enterprises from China, India and South Africa are expected to participate.

View of business meetings held during the event.

PEMSA, which was in charge with the organization of the Spanish representation in this encounter, undertook to coordinate and support the participation of industrial and service enterprises active in the metallurgical sectors, covering the following fields of activity:

  1. Machinery and equipment.

  2. Metal products and components (manufactured parts/mechanical components).

  3. Design engineering, software and RDI.

  4. Steel suppliers.