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Interprise IND-TECH 2005


Interprise IND TECH, Stockholm 17th – 18th October 2005

The municipal enterprise PEMSA has organized the participation of a delegation of 10 enterprises from Moncada, active in the metallurgical sector, in the event Interprise IND TECH housed by the international fairground of Älvsjö, Stockholm, from the 17th to the 18th of October 2005. This business event was held in parallel with the main competitions of the sector in Scandinavia, Scandinavian Technical Fair and Scanautomatic, in which more than 900 exhibitors have participated, the Valencian enterprises participating in IND-TECH being granted free access, as well as a special discount if they wanted to exhibit.


Representatives of the Valencian enterprises participating in the contest in front of the gates of the Stockholm Fair.

This event is part of the Crossbo project, an initiative co-financed by the European Commission, in which PEMSA is a partner representing Spain. The aim of this event is to promote trading relations and encourage trade opportunities between Pan-European SMEs in the context of the recent EU enlargement, through business events in which entities from more than fifteen countries participate. To this purpose, each SME shall hold throughout two entire days a series of bilateral 25 minute meetings previously scheduled, for the purpose of meeting clients, suppliers or partners in third countries.

General view of the business meetings held in the course of the 17th and 18th day of October

Numerous trade links, especially with countries of Eastern Europe, India (Bombay) and China (Province of Hunan), have been opened up during this event. Moreover, Valencian enterprises had the opportunity to visit two of the most important competitions of the sector in Scandinavia, namely "Scandinavian Technical Fair" and "Scanautomatic".

Besides the two above mentioned Asian countries, more than 200 enterprises from the following countries of the European Union came together in the event: Sweden, Spain, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland; from the European Economic Area: Norway and Eastern Europe: Russia and Ukraine.

View of the PEMSA Stand in the contest and participating enterprises.

Previously, staff of the municipal enterprise Promoción Económica de Moncada S. A. (PEMSA) participated at the beginning of September in a transnational meeting held in Halle (Germany) within the scope of the "CROSSBO" project co-financed by the European Commission, for the purpose of completing the preparations for the business event of the metallurgical sector, Interprise IND-TECH. In this respect, PEMSA has conducted in Horta and the Valencian Community a campaign aimed at recruiting enterprises to participate in the respective business encounter.

Meeting for the completion of the preparations for IND-TECH held by the representatives of the 14 countries participating in the CROSSBO project in the City of Halle (Germany) on the 1st and 2nd day of September 2005.