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REVERSE AUCTION, 13th – 26th March 2006.

This business event is a kind of reversed auction in which bids are exchanged electronically between buyers and sellers.
The special feature of reverse auction is that it is an auction in which buyers submit "on line" in advance their requests for quotation of goods or services, while suppliers bid in real time for the requests for quotation submitted by the buyers.

It is similar to a typical auction with the difference that the roles of the participants are reversed. In a typical auction, the seller puts an item up for sale and buyers bid for that item, which goes to the highest bidder. In a Reverse Auction, it is the buyer who issues a request for quotation of an item (quality, quantity…), and the suppliers who bid and the lowest bid price wins.

The participation in this original electronic event is completely free of charge for the participating companies. To participate in a reverse auction, both buyers and sellers have to be previously registered on the web page of the event by the project partner (in our case PEMSA), each company being assigned a user name and a password.

Auction object: products and services from the metallurgical and wood/furniture sectors, in the broad sense.

Pan-European geographical sphere of this electronic auction: Sweden, UK, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Spain, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. We have to emphasize the participation of companies from China.

Such auction shall enable a group of select purchasers to source potential suppliers in various countries, including those with which they had no contact before. Buyers shall have the possibility to select suppliers based on the bids received from subsequent valuations as well as Internet meetings, in coordination with the project partners.

Suppliers shall have the possibility to submit Requests For Quotation (RFQ) to foreign purchasers and compare their bids with bids received from other suppliers.

All the companies enrolled for this event shall enjoy the simple use of technology from their computer, which shall enable them to have business contacts with new markets. To request information, register and participate as buyer and/or seller in this event, please contact:

Diego Romá Bohorques.
Promoció Económica de Moncada S. A.
Pl. Mestre Palau 17
46113 MONCADA (Valencia, Spain)
Tel. +34 961 390 043; Fax +34 961 301 051