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Possibility to send SMS messages on Mobile from the profile search system.

New control module for the management of the Personal Data Protection Law.

Bolsaempleo is a complete management software for municipal employment agencies, presently implemented in ten City Councils of the Valencian Community.
As a relevant feature of its high functionality, we may say that it envisages the use of magnetic stripe cards, which shall enable job seekers to check in periodically at a Job Info Point, and is capable of sending in a matter of seconds SMS messages to all the persons registered in its database or to a selection of these.

Hereinafter we give further details on its performance level: Handling job applications:

Handling job applications:

  1. Registration of job seekers.

  2. General data.

  3. Disability.

  4. Education and training.

  5. Foreign languages.

  6. Work experience.

  7. Occupations pursued.

  8. Disability.

  9. Other coded features.

  10. Internal notes on the applicant.

  11. History of handling of the application of a job seeker.

  12. Registration of job applications.

  13. Registration of manual check in operations.

  14. Selection of applicants.

  15. Filtering of the database according to the profile requested.

  16. Various printout modes for a selection.

  17. Exportation of selection data to send memos.

  18. Sending data to the company which has advertised a job vacancy (Fax, E-mail, etc).

  19. Association of the job seeker with the job vacancy.

Handling job vacancies.

  1. Registration of companies.

  2. Exportation of company data to prepare memos.

  3. Registration of job vacancies.

  4. Introduction of requested profiles.

  5. Shortlist of applicants for a job vacancy.

  6. Letter of dispatch of the shortlist.

  7. Shortlist printout.

  8. Shortlist handling.

  9. Calculation of the interview plan.

  10. Preparation of the interview plan.

  11. Letter of Introduction to be submitted by the applicant to the company at the job interview.

  12. Incident management.

  13. Entry of selection result.

Registered unemployment statistics, by:

  1. Type of contracts executed.

  2. Sex, Age, Education

  3. Disability.

  4. Marital status.

  5. Categories.

  6. Date of application.

  7. Occupations pursued.

  8. According to the National Classification of Occupations

  9. Economic sector.

  10. Combinations of the above.


PEMSA places at the disposal of the Agencies for the Promotion of Business Initiatives or municipal Local Trade Support offices the INTRAFIC programme. It is aimed at facilitating both to SMEs and to Public Administrations or Local Trade Support entities information and Management on this area.

BENEFICIARIES: Agencies for the Promotion of Business Initiatives pertaining to Local Administrations or other Public Entities, and in general, any entities active in the field of local trade promotion.


PEMSA offers to the Local Development Agencies the ADL Intranet programme.



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BENEFICIARIES: Public Administrations coordinating Local development and Employment Agencies

GESCOM, database of traders and companies.

GESCOM is a database which shall enable you to register in detail every business and company in your area of influence. You may register data such as: headquarters, company offices, related persons, business classification, activity code, data for the registrar of companies, brands distributed, associations of which they are members, Etc. Etc.

GESCOM gives you the possibility to operate multi-selection searches, which shall permit you to easily send any type of information to the companies registered in the database, by post or e-mail.

Moreover, GESCOM enables you to keep a history of your procedures related to each company, by registering data such as the type of procedure, status, data of initiation, Etc. Etc.

Not to say you may generate various statistics and charts you may use to carry our interesting studies on the trade and business structure and the operations undertaken.

It is a very detailed register of companies and businesses.

The database is being managed by Local Development Agents, Trade Initiatives Promotion Agents, Trade Technician in general and Associations of Businessmen and Traders.

It is also an interesting market research tool, as it permits a massive dispatch of letters and e-mails to the contacts registered in the database.

Hereinafter we shall detail some of the most relevant features of GESCOM.

An exhaustive register of companies and businesses in a database containing:

  1. General data of the company

  2. Location by street code

  3. Classification by legal form

  4. Registration of the various work points or outlets

  5. Registration of the persons related to the business, position held and contact details

  6. Brands distributed by the company or business

  7. Area of location of the company or business in the locality

  8. Classification according to the integration system

  9. Classification according to the premises holding regime

  10. Classification of the company or business according to its activity (I. A.E.).

  11. Real trade classification in relation with the tax classification

  12. Associations the company or business pertains to.

  13. Registration and control of operations carried out in relation with companies and businesses

  14. Procedure categorization

  15. Activity scheduler with alarm system.

  16. History of operations.

  17. Database exploitation

  18. Software for the location of groups of companies by means of inquiries

  19. Exportation of inquiry results to prepare circulars

  20. Exploitation of inquiry results under the form of studies and charts

  21. Study on the operations performed.


Global management of the supply of industrial land available via a web environment on the Internet. It is mainly intended for business associations located within industrial areas and the public administration in charge with catalyzing the industrial establishment.


It permits a detailed description of industrial plots of land thanks to an unlimited number of variables (location, area, available infrastructure, etc.) completely customized. It enables a clear and orderly inventory. It provides a useful and economic economical service to the companies interested in setting up their business on an industrial land. Rapidly locates free plots thanks to a powerful search tool:

Graphical search: the system displays a general map of the area (e.g. of the country) and the user may refine his search by clicking with the mouse on various areas.
Text search: the system displays a list of search parameters and the user may fill in relevant parameters. The plots of land meeting de requirements are located.

FORMATEL, a distance-training platform


Formatel is an independent distance-training platform which we place at the disposal of any interested entity.

It is managed by trainers, companies, professionals or organisms interested in providing distance-training, with partial or full-time attendance.

Formatel has signed agreements with prestigious training entities which supervise and cover their training offer.

As regards is use, Formatel is a user-friendly platform, very intuitive, in which the students are guided step by step throughout the course.

Hereinafter we shall detail some of the most relevant features of FORMATEL:

  1. The entire system can be configured from a local administration module, which enables the organization to control and manage its platform from the computer on which the module has been installed.

  2. Hosts three environments: of the student, of the tutor and of the organization.

  3. The course follow-up system is based on the completion of tasks, according to a work plan.

  4. Each task consists of various activities: didactic contents, test, information tags, activity suggestions, Etc.

  5. The task completion sequence can be configured by means of a parameter-based system permitting the introduction of prerequisites. Depending on the configuration, tasks are visible and/or accessible when required by the study plan.

  6. Tests can also be configured (questions and answer times) and are corrected automatically.

  7. From the tutor environment, the progress of each student can be monitored.

  8. There is a debate area, a virtual library and a schedule of activities.