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Business mission in Romania, February 2006

Members of the group in Piata Sfatului of Brasov (Transylvania, Romania)

The municipal enterprise PEMSA has organized between the 11th and 17th of February 2006 a business mission in Romania, within the framework of a project of business cooperation between Moncada and Romania, co-financed by the Valencian Institute of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (IMPIVA). For the purpose of becoming closely acquainted with the business opportunities offered by Romania, various meetings were held in Brasov, Galati, Constanta, Bucharest and the Moldovan City of Cahul with the local Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Euro Info Centres, local and regional authorities, as well as with the SMEs Institute pertaining to the Romanian Ministry of Economy and Trade and the Office of Trade of the Embassy of Spain in Bucharest.

The expedition next to the staff of the Chamber of Commerce – Euro Info Centre of Brasoy

On the other hand, various bilateral encounters with Romanian enterprises have been organized for the purpose of arranging a plan of concrete business actions to be unfolded between the two countries, as well as visits to industrial parks.

Meeting held at the Chamber of Commerce – Euro Info Centre of Constanta.

The following enterprises of Horta have participated in the business mission: Construnaves Levante, Guinama, Partners Consulting, Atlántida Ingeniería, Hertocar, AMS Gallego, Sernutec, Solyman and Sportworld.

Meetings of Valencian and Romanian enterprises at the Chamber of Commerce of Constanta (on the Coast of the Black Sea, Romania)