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Pan-European business cooperation Moncada-Romania

The Valencian Institute of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (IMPIVA) has authorized the municipal enterprise PEMSA to develop a business cooperation project between Moncada and Romania. It is a project intended to consolidate the slender economic and trading relations existing between the enterprises of the Valencian Community and the countries of Eastern Europe, one of the major problems faced by the Valencian SMEs in their internationalization initiatives. Therefore, the project is aimed at fostering exchanges and relations between the Valencian enterprises (mainly from Moncada) and Romanian enterprises. In this respect, it is worth mentioning the fact that among the emerging economies, Romania features a favourable economic climate for the business collaboration with the area of Moncada, given the low labour costs, its future entry into the European Union in 2007 via geographical and cultural closeness in relation with other potential markets.

Fruit of PEMSA contacts as a consequence of various cooperation projects implemented in the region, a transport company of Moncada has set up a mixed company in Cahul (Moldavia). In the photo, a group of businessmen from Moncada are visiting a bus fleet which shall be changed in the near future with Valencian capital.

Since its creation as a public enterprise, the objective of PEMSA has been to support the promotion and development of the social and economic structure of Moncada, to foster and coordinate training and employment actions and provide the infrastructure required to ensure a sustainable growth of the municipality. Through this project, PEMSA, which has already carried out various Trading missions in countries of Eastern Europe and has institutional and business connections in the area, intends to stimulate the business cooperation in the field of industry and services between enterprises from Moncada and Romania

News published in a Romanian newspaper on the business visit organized by PEMSA in Brasov (February 2006).

Among the actions to be unfolded within the framework of the project, worth mentioning is the preparation of a study on the exchange of products and services between the enterprises located in the industrial areas of Moncada and Romania, the advice to enterprises on the new business cooperation opportunities, the organization of a business event Moncada-Romania and the development of a data transmission system intended to facilitate and manage trading relations by means of contacts between enterprises, exchange of information and data, organization of videoconferences.