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Foodstuff Handler Course

In May 2003, the municipal enterprise PEMSA was authorized by the Department of Health and Consumption of the Generalitat Valenciana to develop and organize training programs in Food Hygiene for Foodstuff Handlers (number of registration with the register of Trainers for Foodstuff Handlers: EFM-0202/CV).

The course is addressed to:
Professionals who are required to hold a Certificate in Foodstuff Handling, by the nature of their activity.


The purpose of this initiative is to ensure the professionals of the food sector acquire a correct health education, as well as appropriate hygiene habits.

Specific objectives:

  1. Acquisition of basic knowledge of foodstuff related risks and the preventive measures to be taken to control such risks.

  2. Knowledge of the main alimentary diseases and the responsibilities of the handlers meant to prevent such diseases.

  3. Implementation of correct hygiene practices in handling foodstuff.

  4. Knowledge of the personal hygiene standards required to acquire correct habits and attitudes.

  5. Knowledge of the activity-related food legislation.

  6. Teamwork with the rest of the personnel.

The participants (workers) in this training programme shall be awarded upon completion a Qualification Certificate, which is an essential requirement to be employed and work as a Foodstuff Handler (Royal Decree 202/11th February 2000 of the Ministry of Health and Consumption and Decree 73/2nd April 2001 of the Generalitat Valenciana).


Each student shall have a Handbook. The training sessions shall be held in a dynamic manner, with the participation of the students.


9 hours (including the final assessment test). PEMSA shall organize periodically the 20 different forms of Training Certificates in Foodstuff Handling. Custom-designed courses for enterprises may be organized. The course shall consist of two days of classes between 18:00 and 21:00 hrs and shall cost EUR 30.


Beginner and refresher courses are being organized.


For courses with full-time attendance, EUR 30 per participant; please inquire for other types of courses.


Contact person: Mrs. Concha Pérez Fortes.
PL. Mestre Palau, 17 (next to Mercat Vell)
46113 MONCADA (Valencia)
Telephone: 961 390 043.
Fax: 961 301 051