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The Commercial Innovation Promotion Agency (AFIC) is the department in charge with the promotion of commercial initiatives within the City Hall of Moncada, dependent on the General Commerce Direction of the Innovation and Competitiveness Department of the Generalitat Valenciana on the grounds of a Convention signed between the two Entities. The main objective of the Agency is that of boosting and catalyzing the local activity of small businesses. The services provided consist in giving advice to small businesses, conducting commercial studies and analyses, managing subventions, organizing commercial fostering and promotion campaigns. The AFIC of Moncada is part of the AFIC NETWORK of the Valencian Community. This network of Commercial Innovation Promotion Agencies is an instrument by means of which the Generalitat Valenciana, in collaboration with the Local Administration, seeks to promote the process of modernization and organization of the local commerce through 63 agencies spread across the regions and municipalities of the Valencian Community.

It is the decentralized structure of the AFIC NETWORK which permits bringing the administrative procedures closer to a high percentage of users (69% of the total businesses), placing at their disposal a specialized interlocutor, thus becoming a permanent link between shopkeepers, their representative organizations and the Administration.

Moreover, the AFIC NETWORK is an essential component of the cooperation between the local administration and that of the autonomous government, which permits taking coordinated action in view of the development of policies favouring the growth and development of the local trading activities.
Thus, the AFIC NETWORK, by means of specialized knowledge and adequate instruments, is capable of giving advice and providing technical support, both to its own local corporations, with respect to the decisions to be made in relation with the sector, and to the whole trading fabric of the locality, with respect to the SME modernization process, to the renovation and commercial development of urban Centres, as well as to the consolidation of urban shopping Centres, preferably of pedestrian use, or to the extension and alteration of the physical structure of collective commercial facilities.

For more information about the AFIC NETWORK, we invite you to visit:

The AFIC of Moncada is located within PEMSA, Plaza Mestre Palau 17 de Moncada (Next to Mercat Vell).


This project is intended to stimulate the growth of convenience stores and to consolidate trading within the urban Centre.

Moncada (Valencia), 23rd March 2007. The City Hall of Moncada and the chain of supermarkets Mercadona have signed today the agreement whereby Mercadona has been awarded the concession for the construction of the future Municipal Market of Moncada and the use of a floor of the same for a period of 40 years.
The agreement is in line with the project for the renovation and modernization of the present Market, located in Avda. Fernando el Católico; given its special downtown location, it was decided to design an emblematic building, for the purpose of making such building one of the city icons.

The new Municipal Market shall have an area of more than 2,300 built square meters, distributed in two floors of commercial halls, the lower-ground floor providing space for the supermarket, with a commercial hall of about 1,300 square meters, and the direct street access floor destined for housing between 35 and 45 stalls for traders, plus two floors of parking lots with 180 parking places for clients. The investment allotted for the construction amounts to 5 million Euros.

The Market shall contribute to the development and improvement of the convenience stores in the area, due to the attraction which would mean to the city having an important catering trade area in the urban Centre. Upon completion of its construction, the market which shall have a complete supply of daily use products, shall supply more than 20,000 inhabitants of the city of Moncada and its commercial attraction area.

Signature of the Agreement at the City Hall of Moncada

Representatives of the City Council of Moncada and Mercadona with the traders of the Municipal Market of Moncada