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Extension of the Industrial Area Moncada III

The City Council of Moncada, through the municipal enterprise Promoción Económica de Moncada S. A. (PEMSA), is completing the negotiations to initiate the "Extension of the Industrial area Moncada III".
This extension is meant to create an industrial area of 820,000 sq.m., of which 492,000 shall represent industrial lots, expected to host 200 enterprises and to generate 400 direct jobs.

The extension of the industrial area shall be operated onto the present industrial area Moncada III, operating since 2000, which has an industrial area of 270,000 sq.m., thus creating an important industrial and service Centre in Horta Nord of more than one million square meters which shall host a balanced industrial mix consisting of the main industrial activities of the Valencian Community.

The novelty of this industrial area is that it shall have an entire integrated service area of 44,000 sq.m., for the enterprises operating in the area, being the first of its kind in the whole State provided with such services. This service area shall consist of an airport, an industrial eco-park, a business Centre (with labour medicine Centre, financial entities, office facilities, day Centre, auditorium, video conference rooms and seminar halls), a business incubator, a leisure area and a Special Employment Centre.

Given its easy access from the By Pass, this industrial area shall permit the relocation of companies located both within the urban area of Moncada and that of other localities of Horta, offering an appropriately planned and arranged setting which shall facilitate the unfolding of industrial activities in an optimal environment, away from population Centres and strategically served.