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Industrial Area Moncada III

The inauguration in June 1990 of the Valencian beltway stretch of the A7 freeway of the Mediterranean highway, popularly known as the "By Pass", meant an incentive to the establishment of the new and modern industrial areas of Moncada on the North side of the city.

Aerial view of the Industrial Area of Moncada III,
at the end you can see the A7 beltway of Valencia (By Pass)

We are talking about a location far enough from the urban area, served by easy approach roads facilitating to the companies there established a quick and convenient contact with suppliers and clients.

This privileged location has enabled the City Hall of Moncada both to organize the settlement of new companies within the municipal area, and to relocate the industries traditionally situated within the built-up area of Moncada, offering them an ideal setting for unfolding industrial activities under optimal environmental conditions.

The Industrial Area III of Moncada, the inauguration of which took place on the 18th day of June 2001, concentrates an industrial area of about 270.000 sq.m, hosting a hundred enterprises which have generated more than 225 direct jobs.

The Industrial Area III has an orderly planning and a practical and functional design which have facilitated a rapid and complete settlement of enterprises.

The composition of the businesses hosted by the industrial area is formed by a balanced mix of industrial activities and services, made up of enterprises in Moncada as well as enterprises from the rest of the region of Horta and the province of Valencia, attracted by the quality and design of the industrial area and the communications facility within the region of Horta Nord.

Translated into social and economic terms, the commissioning of the Industrial Area III has meant a positive impact as regards the growth in the industrial and service activities of Moncada, which in its turn entailed a boost in employment and the wealth of the municipality.

The inauguration ceremony of the Industrial Area Moncada III took place on the 18th of June 2001, in the presence of Mr. Femando Castelló, Secretary of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Juan José Median, Mayor of Moncada, Mr. Francisco Giner, President of the Business Association of Moncada, Mr. José Ignacio Orero, General Manager of PEMSA and other authorities.