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Local Development Agency

Business incubator

The Industrial Area Moncada III, recently created, shall have a new business incubator (the third in our history). A business incubator is a building which hosts enterprises which do not have sufficient resources required to set up and run a company on their own; thus, PEMSA places at the disposal of persons interested to develop business projects industrial manufacture modules and office modules in exchange for a rent below the market price (which shall be increased annually). The initial plan of the building included facilities designed to host auxiliary services which would operate in a synergic manner, such as assembly halls, head office of AEMON, lecture rooms for Continuous Training, Day Care Centre, Gymnasium, etc.

With the present Project, we offer office modules and technological base industrial exploitation modules. The building shall be entirely based on the use of renewable energy, which shall entail a saving of more than 50% of the energy and water consumed. This environmentally-friendly building shall stand out from other buildings and shall project a more modern image onto the Industrial Area III (Polígono III).

Advising enterprises

AYUDAS AUTOEMPLEO 2008 (Assistance for self-employment 2008)


This service carries out the following tasks:

  1. Coordination and supervision of the study and research projects promoted and/or developed by PEMSA or by the City Council of Moncada.

  2. Collection and assessment of statistical data on Moncada available from inside and outside sources.

  3. Development of ways to collaborate with other agents and organizations, fostering local cooperation Networks, to develop specific studies on issues related to employment and training, aimed at achieving objectives coincident with those of the Service.


The general objective of this service is to inform, in a personalized manner, small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs of Moncada, both on the economic incentives for entrepreneurial promotion and on every aspect indispensable to put into practice any entrepreneurial project (legal aspects related to the setting-up of the company, administrative matters, business plan, tax-related matters, labour and financial aspects, ...).

The concrete objectives of this service are:

  1. Information on public subsidies for companies (running or newly established), within the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Regional Government), IMPIVA, Central Administration, European Union, Reciprocal Guarantee Company, ...

  2. Legal incorporation of newly created companies.

  3. Drawing-up business plans (Financing Plan, Marketing Plan, Sales/Purchase Plan, Organization,...).

  4. Request for external financing lines.

  5. Support in the search for business location.

  6. In any case, if businessmen request more detailed information or information related to distinct aspects, they shall be directed to the service able to provide such information.

Guidelines for setting-up a company 2008

Social micro-loans

The table below shows the terms and conditions of the agreements executed by and between PEMSA and Financial Entities for the granting of social micro-loans.

Agreements and Conditions 2008