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CERMI, (Spanish Committee of Representatives of the Disabled)

FUNDACIÓN ONCE, for cooperation and social inclusion of the disabled

INCLUSIÓN EUROPE, European Association of the International League of Societies for Mentally Retarded Persons

ONCE, Spanish National Organization of the Blind

COCEMFE, Spanish Confederation of the Physically Disabled

CNSE, Spanish National Confederation of Deaf People

FIAP AS, Spanish Federation of Associations of Parents and Friends of the Deaf

ASPACE, Spanish Federation of Associations for Persons with Cerebral Palsy

FEAFES, Spanish Federation of Relatives of Mentally Ill People

PREDIF, State Representative Platform for the Physically Disabled

FEISD, Spanish Federation of Institutions for Down syndrome

AUTISMO-ESPAÑA, Spanish Confederation of Federations and Associations of Parents and Guardians of Autistic Persons

FESPAU Spanish Federation of Parents of the Autistic

CPE, Spanish Paralympic Committee

IMSERSO, Institute of Migration and Social Services

INEM, National Institute of Employment

SERVEF, Valencian Employment and Training Service

Royal Board on Disability


DISCAPNET, promoted by ONCE Foundation

IVADIS, Valencian Institute for Services to the Disabled

AFFM, Support, Training and Integration of the Disabled

MERC@DIS, Labour Market for the Disabled