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Auxiliary personnel

Now we shall describe the duties to be performed by the persons holding the following positions:


  1. Overall supervision of the activities of the Special Employment Centre.

  2. Liaising with the personas in charge with the Production and Human Resource Departments.

  3. Capacity to execute contracts.

  4. Financial management control.

Head of Production Department

  1. Coordination of the entire CEE staff, obtaining reports from area managers.

  2. Search for work.

  3. Responsible for client – supplier relations.

  4. Assignment of job positions for each task, meeting the needs of each department.

  5. Organization of worker training.

  6. Preparation of an analysis of the tasks and activities involved in the manufacturing process.

  7. Running and financial management of the CEE.

Head of HR Department (Psychologist)

  1. Classification of applicants, job position analysis and personnel selection (labour and training).

  2. Adaptation of the worker to the job position (analysis of the tasks and adaptation to the job according to the characteristic features of each type of disability of the workers hired).

  3. Settlement of industrial and relational conflicts and conduct problems.

  4. Contact with the parents of the workers.

  5. Coordination of off-the-job activities (organization of cultural and leisure activities, on the margin of the activities unfolded in the workplace, aimed at fostering good personal relations and the sense of belonging to a group).

  6. Coordination of the formative activities unfolded within the Centre, selection and supervision of the participants.

  7. Insertion to the labour market (providing guidance and information to the workers considering seeking insertion in other workplaces).

  8. Monitoring of all workers (potential analysis of each worker, assessment through interviews and psychological testing, therapeutic treatment to workers in need of such treatment).

  9. Enhancement of favourable conditions fostering performance, giving advice on the physical environment propitious for carrying out various tasks.

Production Technicians

  1. Allocation of the tasks to the production personnel.

  2. Coordination, planning and organization of the internal functioning of the company.

  3. Training of the operators in the new tasks to be carried out.

  4. Liaising with the suppliers.

  5. Control of execution times.

  6. Productivity control.

  7. Quality control.

  8. Placing orders and filling in delivery notes.

  9. Preparing reports to be submitted to the director, accounting for every stage of the production process.