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Through the various activities unfolded by our Special Employment Centre, we expect to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Improvement in the conditions of various jobs, adapting the various characteristics of the same to the type of disability of the workers filling the respective job positions.

  2. Identification of possible anomalies in the personal relations maintained within the company and establishment of possible behaviour guidelines to be followed in order to foster teamwork, motivation and self-esteem of the employees.

  3. Vocational guidance with regard to labour insertion for the workers interested in becoming integrated into the labour market, having access to jobs offered by other companies which are not special Centres.

  4. Knowledge of the interest to participate in spare time activities to organize, directly by the company or through various resources, off-the-job activities intended to increase the degree of autonomy and independence of the workers and their integration into society.

  5. Organization of formative activities, according to identified needs, in order to achieve a better personal and professional qualification of our workers.

  6. Optimization of the material, personal and economic resources that the company has presently available.

  7. Opening of communication channels between the parents of the workers and the persons in charge of the CEE which are working daily with their children, in order to facilitate:
    - a tight relation with the company and the contact with the responsible staff.
    - the collection of information on their suggestions to improve the social and labour conditions for their children.
    - the acquaintance by the parents with the activities unfolded daily by their children and with the various action proposals made by the Centre.

As we can see, the objective of the CEE is to achieve social and labour integration and productive yield.

Workers are expected to improve their personal image and self-esteem, as a starting point for their personal integration into the company and society at the same time. Moreover, we expect to satisfy the immediate aspects which have an impact both on the physical health and on the rehabilitation of our workers.

In our Centre, we are not anymore talking about Occupational Therapy but about performance on the job. For many persons (on the disabled – not disabled border) the performance has a clear impact on one’s adjustment and mental health. Therefore, we consider it necessary to establish a precise performance assessment system, to favour the efficiency of the workers in their job positions.

All in all, we are aiming at making our workers feel motivated, appreciated and responsible for their work and, considering the disabilities on each individual worker, helping them to reach maximum performance, which will benefit both the worker and the future of the company.