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OPEA actions

The City Council of Moncada, through PEMSA, places at the disposal of the unemployed a career guidance service, to support them in their search for employment. We offer assist you in your job search efforts, by providing you with updated information and training in job search techniques.

The activities of the agency are complemented with the implementation of OPEA (Career Guidance for Employment and Self-Employment) actions, mainly aimed at developing systematic and customized actions within the process of assisting job seekers in their search for employment.

In general, OPEA actions are focused on the unemployed registered with employment offices.
This is a free service; to receive this service, all you have to do is obtain a Job Application card from the SERVEF.

These are individual and/or group actions, conducted by professional counsellors, the aim of which is to:

  1. Provide information on the labour market

  2. Define professional objectives

  3. Identify labour resources

  4. Give guidance on professional interests

  5. Train social communication skills

  6. Teach job search techniques

These career guidance actions are intended to prepare job seekers and assist them in their job search efforts.

If what you need is a personal plan, we shall help you individually, advise you on you needs and decide upon a path to follow.

We can help you overcome personal difficulties and become more self-confident.

We offer to help you organize, know and train yourself in active job search, to get to know your potential and options, where and how to find a job, what means a selection process.

You do not have to go through all the phases of the process, only through those you need to.