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Job seekers

1. What should you do to be eligible for a job vacancy?

Nothing more than fill in a REGISTRATION FORM at our offices, enclosing the following documents:

  1. Job application card (if you are unemployed) or Job Improvement Card (if you are employed), which you can secure from:


    C/Felipe Rinaldi, 42 Valencia

    Tel. 96.366.87.66.

  2. Certificate of Registration which you will request from the City Council of Moncada.

  3. Study certificate (school-leaving certificate, primary education qualification, vocational training certificate, secondary education certificate or university orientation course, university degree or bachelor’s degree, ...).

  4. ID card

  5. Employment Record (Tel. 901.50.20.50 option 1).

  6. If applicable: Certificate of disability and/or any kind of license (Foodstuff Handler, Driving license for other categories than B, ...).

Once we have your data, you shall be entered in our database, with a concrete professional profile. These data shall be kept confidential and permanently updated, in order to be able to find you an assignment fitting your professional and personal profile and interests.

2. What do we offer?

  1. Handling of your job application, including your curriculum vitae in our database in order to place it at the disposal of the companies advertising through our office job vacancies you might be interested in. The moment we have to fill a position fit for your profile, we shall call you immediately to provide you with details on the respective job vacancy.

  2. Through the labour press, the offices of SERVEF and other entities involved in labour intermediation activities, we provide information by posting in our bulletin board both job vacancies and training offers which might be of interest to you considering their characteristics and accessibility. We also provide relevant information to persons interested in setting up their own company.

  3. The City of Moncada through PEMSA-AME, places at the disposal of the unemployed the OPEA actions, subsidized by SERVEF, which are the answer to the need of information, counselling and career guidance for those seeking employment.

3. What do we expect of you?

  1. Once registered, it is important that you do not forget to call on our office in April and October, to confirm you are still interested in being kept informed about the offers we receive.

  2. You may at any time exercise your right to have access at, modify and delete your data. Do not forget to keep up to date the data you have provided upon registration, informing us immediately of any change.

  3. We are permanently concerned with improving our services; therefore, we would appreciate it if you made complaints and suggestions by taking the time to fill in a form available at our office.

  4. Job seekers are the image of AME for the companies having recourse to its services, which is why we expect of you seriousness and correctness on the personal plan and quality on the professional plan, to be prepared to do a certain job, to show good adaptation capacities, to be punctual and follow the instructions of the company which has decided to take you on.

4. Information on how AME operates

  1. Once registered, we shall send you by mail a card (it usually takes about two months) which you shall have on you when you call on our office in the course of April and October.

    As long as you are interested in staying registered with the Agency, make sure you do not forget to call on our office in the course of the months indicated, otherwise your profile shall be automatically deleted from our database.

    If the time comes for you to pay the first visit to our office and you have not yet received the card, you shall be identified with your ID card, so do not wait until you receive the card.

  2. Either at the moment of registration, or by phone, the classification and selection technician of the Agency shall interview you to elicit information permitting to adapt more adequately your professional profile to each employment offer received.

  3. The Agency offers companies two possibilities:

    1. to be responsible for the entire selection process (1) When we receive a job vacancy fit for your profile, we shall contact you by phone to inform you and see if you are interested or not.

    2. to rely on the Agency technician to conduct the selection of applicants (2) When we receive a job vacancy fit for your profile, we shall contact you by phone to call you to a selection interview.

  4. If you are interested in the job vacancy (1) or if you have been selected by the technician of the Agency (2), we shall pass your data to the company and you shall have to collect from our office the Letter of introduction which you shall bring with you if you are called by the company to an interview. You should wait for the company to contact you directly to inform you of the date, hour and place of the interview, where they shall sign you the letter which you shall return to our office.

    If the company does not contact you by phone in about fifteen days, you can drop in at our office with the Letter of Introduction, or phone us at, providing the employment offer number appearing in the Letter of Introduction, to inquire about the state of the employment offer.


    1. You do not have to accept each job vacancy you are informed about by phone or for which you have been selected. Please advise us before passing the interview with the company of the reasons for declining such vacancy, to make sure in the future we do not call you in relation with similar vacancies.

      The Municipal Employment Agency does not carry out any contracting activities; we are an intermediation service. Therefore, we cannot make companies interview all the job seekers we find, nor can we influence their decisions.

      Thus, you should be aware that it is not certain that on every occasion the Agency calls you for a job vacancy and/or job interview the company shall contact you by phone to invite you to an interview and/or hire you.

  5. Every day we publish in the Bulletin Board the job vacancies received from the employment agencies of Felipe Rinaldi (SERVEF); you shall not be informed by phone about these vacancies; you shall have to consult them personally after making a note of the address or phone number indicated in the bulletin board.

  6. On Mondays we buy the following newspapers which you may also leaf through: Trajín, Levante (jobs supplement), Provincias (jobs supplement) and Expansión. Starting from Tuesdays the newspapers you can consult are: Mercado Laboral and Forma Empleo.

  7. In the Bulletin Board we publish training course and workshop offers and general information, which you may also consult according to your interests.