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The city of Moncada

The municipal area of Moncada extends over 15.8, has a rhomboidal shape, with a North-South longitude of 8.3 km and a maximum width (in the central part) of 4.7 km on the East-West direction. In 2008, the municipal area had more than 21,000 inhabitants.

Moncada lies north of the Metropolitan Area of Valencia, in the region of Horta Nord, to be more specific, 5 km north of the city of Valencia and at a distance of 7 km from the Mediterranean Sea.

Its geographic position according to the Greenwich Meridian is as follows:

  1. Latitude: between 39° 32' and 39° 36' north.

  2. Longitude: between 0o 22' and 0o 26' west.

The municipal area of Moncada is 5 to 90 meters above sea level.

The area of Moncada is located relatively in the Centre of the region of Horta Nord, on the borderline between the plain of Valencia and the foothills of the Sierra Calderona. It borders on the areas of Bétera and Naquera in the north-west, areas which pertain to the region of Camp de Túria, on the area of Valencia in the south-west and south (with the municipal districts of Massarrojos in the south-west and Benifaraig in the south), on the municipal areas of Museros, Albalat deis Sorells (only a vertex) and Foios in the north and on the area of Alfara del Patriarca in the south-east.

As far as its climatology is concerned, Moncada enjoys the typical Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot summers, the average annual temperature being 16oC. The rainfall pattern has two peaks (fall and spring) and a mild summer drought specific to the Mediterranean climate.

The original vegetation has suffered considerable transformations due to the strong anthropological pressure, the origins of which date back more than twenty centuries, with the beginnings of the construction of irrigation channels which have extraordinarily transformed the landscape from dry into irrigated. The characteristic landscape of Horta, which Moncada shares with other municipalities, is the object of ever-growing concern for conservation, as it is considered to be an example – presently threatened by the strong urban development of the Metropolitan Area of Valencia - of almost perfect symbiosis between man and nature over the centuries. Moncada is situated in the northern half of the Region of Horta.

The Metropolitan Area of Valencia (consisting of the Regions of Horta Nord and Horta Sud) is the third largest built-up urban area in the State. It has 1.5 million inhabitants, of which 795,000 in the city of Valencia, having a sphere of influence over more than two million inhabitants. We are talking about the main industrial, administrative and service area of the Valencian Community (4.5 million inhabitants in 2005 spread over 23,254, one of the seventeen regions which compose the Spanish state.

The region of Horta Nord had in 2005 a population of 250,000 inhabitants.

The economic structure of the municipality of Moncada relies mainly on small and medium-sized industrial enterprises (metallurgy and furniture), constructions and services. As regards the sector of services, we have to emphasize the scope of trade activities unfolded in Moncada, which transcends the borders of the municipality, extending beyond the cities of Horta Nord, especially over the conurbation formed by the Municipality of Alfara del Patriarca and the Municipal District of Massarrojos (Valencia).

The agricultural activity, once a pillar of the economy of Moncada, continues to have a relative impact on the municipality, as it Centres on highly competitive crops, such as citrus fruit and vegetable products.

Over the last decade, the opening of three new industrial areas has enabled an orderly concentration of the industrial activity of the municipality and besides attracted and determined other businesses in Horta Nord to settle in Moncada, given its privileged geographical location within the Metropolitan Area of Valencia and its ideal communications (location adjacent to the ring road of Valencia A-7, three stops of line 1 of the subway).

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