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The experience of the City Council of Moncada as regards Local Development

The City Council of Moncada counts since 1989 on a wealth of experience in terms of Employment, Economic Promotion and Local Development, through the municipal enterprise Promoción Económica de Moncada SA. (PEMSA), an instrument used to implement active employment policies in the municipality as well as a wide range of activities intended to boost the economic and social fabric of Moncada.

PEMSA aims at helping to stimulate the social and economic structure of Moncada, promoting and coordinating training and employment actions, even offering the infrastructure required to ensure a sustainable growth throughout the municipality. PEMSA is a public sector company, 100% owned by the City Council of Moncada, having its own management and administrative bodies, also having at its disposal a suitable and agile management instrument, capable of adapting to the ever-changing social and economic environment of the companies, stores, workers and the unemployed of the city of Moncada.


The activities unfolded by PEMSA are focused on the following areas:

  1. Municipal Employment Agency.

  2. Area of Local Development and Economic Promotion.

  3. Agency for the Promotion of Business Initiatives.

  4. Infovivienda Solidaria Agency.

  5. Training.

  6. European Programs.

  7. Special Employment Centre.

  8. Marketing of Software specially designed for the Management of Local Development and Economic Promotion Entities.

  9. Urban development activities.